Satisfaction guaranteed

Puerto Rican Cuatro handmade by luthier with certificate of authenticity

Shipping to Puerto Rico, United States and international.

Sound quality certified by professional quadrists.

Terms and Conditions

 The Cuatros with the Artist Signature & Maribel Delgado are available and distributed from the Taller del
luthier Frank Cruz, MIDLOTHIAN (Illinois) and is a registered trademark by and administered with a branch in Puerto Rico.
The brand is registered under the brand of and Cuatrista Maribel Delgado with a limited edition that includes
certificate of authenticity with serial number and digital signature of the artist and the luthier, as well as the year of manufacture.
The certificate of authenticity will be sent separately from the shipment of the four to the
postal address provided by the client.
Price inquiries can be made by email via email at or via
of the customer service chat that is available 24/7 through the Puerto Rican store.

Once a customer has decided to make a purchase, the following will apply: The purchase price of the four must be paid in full before shipping. Customer is responsible for the cost of shipping (including insurance), handling, taxes (if applicable), customs and fees
international bank transfer. Shipments will be made via USPS Priority Mail or Fedex, depending on the customer's location.
Purchases made by customers in Puerto Rico are subject to a state sales tax established by the laws of
Puerto Rico. Only orders will be accepted through Puerto Rican, with credit card or Paypal. Fees may apply
of transaction. Once payments and shipping costs are completed, we will schedule shipment of your four (via USPS or FEDEX.
Shipping preparation may take 3 days when the instrument is available. We will remain in communication with you regarding
to the status of your order through the email provided in your order. Your finished instrument will be new, fully guaranteed and built to series specifications
and Maribel Delgado.

It also includes a certificate of authenticity with the serial number and year of construction. Payments are non-refundable unless justified and authorized by Puerto Rican Cuatro staff.
if applicable.

30-day warranty from receipt, applicable to the original purchaser and includes
only what is the painting and construction of the four.

EXCLUSIONS - This warranty does not include the following:

I. Routine maintenance work and the results of normal wear and tear are not
are covered by warranty.
II. Failures that arise as a result of operations, maintenance and/or repair
III. Failures resulting from abnormal voltage, negligence, modifications, damage
accidental injuries or exposure to extreme temperatures or relative humidity. The
Relative humidity should not be less than 40% nor more than 80%. The temperature does not
must exceed 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You will receive recommendations
for the maintenance of your four to avoid dehydration and cracks in the wood. It is recommended
I highly recommend using D Addario Planet Waves Guitar Humidifier Pro.
IV. Normal wear, including strings, frets, finish, fingerboard, damage
Accidents and abuse.
V. Tone: Tone is based on the subjective perception of the listener. This being the case,
cannot be guaranteed.
SAW. Fours that are no longer owned by the
original buyer, the warranty is applicable to the original buyer through our Puerto Rican Cuatro online store.
VII. In case of any repair, it is the buyer's responsibility to cover the
shipping and handling costs to EL LUTHIER's address and also cover the luthier's charge of $350 (outside 24 hours)


If you wish to cancel your order, you may do so by contacting our customer service staff via
email or the Customer Service Chat on or before 24 hours from when the order was placed.
Cancellations within 24 hours will have no cancellation charges. However, canceling one after 24 hours may have
an additional charge.
If the instrument has already been prepared and shipped, the cancellation will have a charge of $350 and the commitment that the client will return the
four in the same packaging and conditions.
To avoid cancellation fees, please contact our staff before the 24-hour expiration of your order and with
We will be happy to guide you to your benefit. Contact or Customer Service Chat to help you with all your doubts or questions about your
Puerto Rican Four. RETURN POLICY: Returns will not be accepted without return authorization from authorized Puerto Rican personnel. Once our staff approves the return and notifies you via email, the customer is responsible for the
fast next day return shipping
(in the original packaging materials and including full insurance on the value of the guitar) at your expense. Returned fours must be in their original condition. Upon receipt of a returned Cuatro, Puerto Rican Cuatro will process a full refund minus all handling, shipping and shipping costs.
charge imposed by Frank Cruz's workshop of $350.

The return address will be provided via email once our staff authorizes the return.